Thermoformed Plastic packaging


Electronic and engineering Component packing trays


Vacuumed formed plastic packaging is suitable for the packing of small electronic components. Trays/ containers can be developed to suit the components and the unit of sale. These are most often developed in detailed consultation with customer. Kitting Trays are an excellent option offered for issue of assembly kits to the assembly line.

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Food, Confectionery & Fruit Packing trays


Packing trays and Disposable Service trays, for bakers & confectioners, outdoor caterers and mithaiwalas. For Packing fruits like Mango, Papaya, Pomegranate, Strawberries. The trays are made from the best food grade plastics. We make products to customer’s designs only and do not have any standard products in this line.

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Seedling Trays for plant Nurseries


Seedling trays, pro-trays and root trainers, are an excellent aid for a high rate of seed germination and healthy seedling production in nurseries and greenhouse and have numerous advantages over the conventional poly- bag technique. We make these trays to customer’s specific designs.

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Handy packing Trays for the Injectibles


Doctors and hospital staff need efficient and no-fuss packing for fragile materials like ampoules and vials.

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Blister packs for toys and FMCGs


Tooling, Thermoforming and Printing of blister packs and point of sale displays

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