Q1. Can you design a vacuum/thermoformed plastic part for us if we provide you the samples of the part or its drawing is given to you?
A1. Yes. We can make 3D models from sample parts and make tools

Q2. Will you give us prototype for trials?
A2. Yes. You have to bear the cost of Prototype tools.

Q3. Do you take up design and making of tools?
A3. Yes.

Q4. What size of jobs can you take up?
a) A part of a maximum size of 700 X 700 mm up to 5 mm thick and depth of 100mm..
b) Smaller items for high quantity production such as food trays of a maximum size of 600 X 400 mm with a maximum depth of 80 mm.

Q5. How much time would it take you to prototype, tool- up and commence supplies?
A5. Four weeks for prototyping, tool-up and production of samples. Two weeks for approval of samples and start up of bulk production.